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Supreme Court justice and civil rights advocate

About Thurgood Marshall

This site is dedicated to Thurgood Marshall, well-known lawyer who fought for civil rights. During the path of his life he saw an unfair attitude to black-skinned people in actual for that time justice system. He was great grandson of slave, but despite this fact and all the difficulties it caused he has never gave up and moreover he made a great progress in justice system of United States. During his life he sat in Court of Appeal and also he was an associate justice of USA Supreme court (known as first black justice).  He was paying close attention to practical considerations beyond formalities of law, being a man of principle and persistent civil rights attorney Thurgood Marshall became a prominent person in  USA history. Frankly speaking,  people like him made American justice system the most democratic all over the world.

A group of enthusiasts is working tooth and nail to make all this work, and our aim is to present information about the man of mark  – Thurgood Marshall,  and the more people could read this the better it would be. We’re searching for all the facts about Thurgood Marshall and all the references about him as a lawyer and of course as a person.

On our site you could find biography, facts about work and activities of Thurgood Marshall. We constantly add new information. You’re welcome to propose your ideas how to make our site and its contain better and remarkable for you.